The tears begin to flow, the tension builds, your greatest wish is about to become the dream of your life. The music begins to play your favorite song as you walk slowly toward the dream of your life, the tension increases.  You catch a glimpse of friends you haven’t seen in a while and they give you the thumbs up. The venue is beautiful, the moon is shining thru the glass ceiling.  The sweet aroma of fresh cut flowers fill the air,  and you notice the dream of your life blowing you a kiss. You can see the kiss as it gently floats thru the air, your body trembling as tension builds, and your moment is only a few steps away. You here in the background someone whisper, see looks beautiful, as the preacher hold his bible and smiles. Your mother gently whip the tears from her eyes. Suddenly you stop and notice the man you so greatly love has walked you down the aisle to unite with the dream of your life. As your father glares into your eyes he gently whisper what a beautiful daughter you are. You are so excited, suddenly you hear words as if they were created especially for you. “Who gives this woman away”? You catch your breath as your daughter runs in the room and yells mom we’ll be late for practice. With tears flowing down your cheeks you pauses the DVD.  


Our goal as wedding videographer is to allow you to cherish that special moment years after the wedding day.